Curating artistic content that is honest and raw in presentation and perspective, centering stories of Black women, the Black experience, and liberation of the oppressed.

Currently, artistic projects are housed under Ebon Raw Productions, LLC.

Brittini Gray

Radically transformed by the Ferguson Uprising, Black freedom at any cost is a sentiment Brittíni holds true as a master strategist who works creatively to heal black communities from trauma.


Twenty-nine years old, Brittíni holds a Master’s degree in Theological Studies from Eden Theological Seminary and a BA from Illinois Wesleyan in Sociology. Her lifelong commitment to the liberation of black people is pursued unapologetically! A native of the westside of Chicago, St. Louis has become her second home.


She is a collaborator at heart, co-creating, co-leading, and co-founding dozens of community based projects over the past decade. Brittíni has always worked at the intersections of art, healing, spirituality and justice and brings this passion to her work.


To be made whole (healing) is an ongoing act.

White supremacy breaks us down, all of us. Wholeness is a return to a full essence, the authentic self. It is having the ability to live out one’s purpose in life fully.

Freedom Fighter

My business model is built around the integration of organizing principles, art, political education and healing justice as all critical components for leadership development, movement building, organizational change, and radical community transformation.

Creativity is a necessary component of organizing. Utilizing various arts however does not always come easy. But the payoff is worth it! From poetry to street theater, creative arts are a powerful element to challenging and confronting abuses of power.

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Byron Hobbs, Senior Organizer for CCC Reinvestment Team, Black Freedom Collective

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Brittini has been instrumental in being creative, engaging and developing the political education for the BFC in imagining our liberation.

Susan Leslie

Congregational Advocacy & Witness Director for the Universalist Unitarian Association

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Her skill as an organizer is professional and effective.

Cheeraz Gormon, storyteller, poet, and founder/director of Sonic Arts and Sibling Support Network

Why We're Great >

This cant be taught, it is part of her DNA, in her lineage.



Mama Scrap's Pool
Movement Women:
The Making of a CREW


Black Women​

From Pearl, With Love
Poetry and Politics



Project 9


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